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ITEM  5.          OTHER  EVENTS
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     On  June  28, 1999, the shareholders of Northern States Power Company (NSP)
and  New  Century  Energies,  Inc.  (NCE) voted, in their respective shareholder
meetings,  to  approve  the  proposed  merger  between  the  two  companies.

     Additional information is contained in the news release attached as Exhibit

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 99.01          News  Release  dated  June  28,  1999

SIGNATURES ---------- Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned hereunto duly authorized. Northern States Power Company (a Minnesota Corporation) By /s/ ------------------- Edward J. McIntyre Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Dated: June 29, 1999 ---------------

				  Exhibit 99.01


For  NCE:                                                     For  NSP:
Media  Relations:                                             Media Relations:
(303)  294-8900                                               (612)  337-2167
Investors:                                                    Investors:
Mike  Pritchard                                               Richard Kolkmann
(303)  294-2588                                               (612)  330-6622                                  


DENVER  and  MINNEAPOLIS (June 28, 1999) -- Shareholders of New Century Energies
(NYSE: NCE) and Northern States Power Co. (NYSE: NSP) Monday approved the merger
of  NCE  and  NSP  to  form  Xcel  Energy  Inc.

At  separate  special  shareholder meetings held in Denver and Minneapolis, more
than  83  percent of the voting shares of both NCE and NSP voted in favor of the

Jim Howard, president, chairman and chief executive officer of NSP, said, "Today
our  shareholders  voted  to merge two strong, complementary companies to create
Xcel  Energy,  which  will  be  well-positioned to compete in a rapidly changing
utility industry."  Howard will become chairman of Xcel Energy at the completion
of  the  merger.

NCE Chairman Bill Helton said, "This vote of confidence from the shareholders of
both  companies  is  an  important step forward as we continue to make excellent
progress  in  completing  our  merger  in  a  timely  manner."

NCE  and  NSP  shareholders recognize the substantial benefits of the merger for
shareholders and consumers alike, according to NCE President Wayne Brunetti, who
will  become  chief executive officer of Xcel Energy.  "This transaction will be
accretive  immediately,  provide a balanced platform for growth, and provide NCE
and  NSP  customers  with  continued  low-cost,  reliable  energy,"  he  noted.

NCE  announced  that  shareholder  approval  of the merger totaled 93 percent of
votes  received,  and 78 percent of overall shares.  NSP reported 83 percent and
62  percent,  respectively.

The  merger, announced on March 25, 1999, requires approval or regulatory review
by federal regulators, including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as well as state regulators in
eight  of  the  12  states  currently  served by the two companies. The approval
process  is expected to be completed within 12 to 18 months from the date of the
merger  announcement.

Under  terms of the merger agreement, upon completion, holders of NCE stock will
receive  1.55  shares  of stock in Xcel Energy for each share of NCE stock. Each
share  of  NSP stock will become one share of Xcel Energy.  When completed, Xcel
Energy  will serve 3 million electricity customers and approximately 1.5 million
natural  gas  customers  in  12  states.

NCE  serves  approximately  1.6  million  electricity  customers and more than a
million  natural  gas  customers in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Kansas
and  Oklahoma.   Its operating companies include Public Service Co. of Colorado,
Southwestern  Public Service Co. and Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power.  Wholly owned
subsidiaries include New Century International, which owns a 50 percent interest
in  Yorkshire  Electricity  in  the  United  Kingdom.

NSP  provides  electricity  to  about  1.5  million  customers  in  portions  of
Minnesota,  Wisconsin,  North Dakota, Michigan and South Dakota.  It distributes
natural  gas  to  more  than  475,000  customers  in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North
Dakota,  South  Dakota, Michigan and Arizona.  Wholly owned subsidiaries include
NRG  Energy  Inc.,  which  operates and has ownership interests in non-regulated
energy  businesses  around  the world, with major projects in the United States,
Australia  and  Germany.

This  news  release  includes  forward-looking  statements within the meaning of
Section  21E  of  the  Securities  Exchange  Act of 1934.  These forward-looking
statements  reflect  numerous  assumptions,  and  involve  a number of risks and
uncertainties.    Among  the  factors  that could cause actual results to differ
materially  are: electric load and customer growth, abnormal weather conditions,
economic  conditions  in  the  companies'  service  territories, fluctuations in
energy-related  commodity  prices,  realization  of net cost savings in a timely
manner,  and  other uncertainties.  Other risk factors are detailed from time to
time  in  the  companies'  SEC  reports.

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